Mobile No 10 digits only
PAN 10 digits only
Email Id Should be unique
Date of Birth dd/mm/yyyy
Marital Status Allowed values: Married, Single
Gender Allowed values: Male, Female
Aadhar Number 12 digits only
Group Code
Should be unique.
Group Code helps you automatically club family members while copy/pasting data. Maintain a uniform Group Code while adding multiple family members.

Some ideas for Group Code: Consider using any one member's PAN,Mobile,Email Id, Aadhar as Group Code.
Is Group head?
Allowed values: Yes, No.
The software requires a Group Head for every family. E.g. if you are adding 4 members in a family, then "Is Group Head" should be "Yes" for one member and "No" for 3 members. Ensure that the Group Code in the above 4 members is uniform.
Stock Unique Code If you are a stock sub broker then we allow you to copy/paste your client's stock transaction history as well. In most cases your broker provides a Unique client code. If yes, add it here.
Is KYC compliant? Allowed values: Yes, No
Occupation Open text area. Supports any text
Phone Office Supports pin code as well
Phone Residence Supports pin code as well