The current value of insurance is calculated based on the insurance policy type that the system decides based on the policy name.

At a high level, we divide insurance policy types into two:

  1. Traditional plans (Endowment, Money back etc.)
  2. ULIP

The system by default assumes a growth rate of 6% for traditional plans and 8% for ULIP. It then applies these growth rates to the premium amounts keeping in mind the premium payment frequency as well.

If you want to change the current value, you can do so by manually keying in the same by editing the policy details.

If you wish to change the growth rates of the insurance policy, you can do so at a global level by changing it from the settings section on the top right and visiting the Assumptions section therein. 

Please note that the system does not calculate current value in case of Term Plans as there is no payout received on maturity.